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video connector

2.99 usd

video connector is a simple tool to put together multiple videos you've taken with your smartphone and turn them into one movie.Note: This app is designed to import and combine 3gp and mp4 files shot and recorded using smartphones, but not the video files taken from internet sites. Please also note that the files with different compression format nor different resolution cannot be combined.
This app is developed by Sony Digital Network Applications, Inc. (SDNA)
Features:- Key information at a glance Important information such as total file size, total duration, and connectivity of each video clips can be checked at a glance on the screen.- Simple operation Operations such as adding, deleting, and changing the order of videos can be done simply by moving the circular button at the center.- Quick processing The actual concatenation process is done speedily.Note: The videos with different picture resolution cannot be connected.
Use with video trimmer:Simple video editing can be done if you use video connector along with video trimmer. Extract the good scenes out from the original videos using video trimmer first, and then use video connector to combine those scenes. The two apps allow you to enjoy cut-editing of your videos. video trimmer :
Permissions:modify/delete USB storage contentsmodify/delete SD card contents - To save connected vieo files - To use as a temporary memoryPrevent phone from sleeping. - To prevent the phone from going to sleep while outputting a file.
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